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Fundraiser: A True History of the War on Cancer and the Hidden Causes of this Epidemic

Dr Kokayi has the opportunity to interview authors of two new cutting edge books that rethink our approach to cancer and the so call war on cancer. The books offered are Cancer 101 Solutions to a Preventable epidemic by Liz Amstrong, Guy Dauncey and Anne Wordsworth and The Secret History of the War on Cancer, a fascinating narrative by Dr Devra Davis, who also wrote the forward to Cancer 101 Solutions. This three hour special addition of GMR examines the relationship or our fascination with our chemical and industrial products and our susceptibiity to cancer as well as efforts of industry and the corporate industrial complex to cover up the true causes of cancer in the West.


A Conversation with Dr Gerald Deas

Dr Gerald Deas, activist, poet, playwright, and physician joins Dr Kokayi to take a look at the direction of medicine. Dr Deas reflects on his long career and his style of practice…. with a long hx of making house calls. Dr Deas level of compassion and concern for his community are truly humbling and insightful.


Helke Ferrie on Corporate Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and the Environment

Helke Ferrie is an anthropologist and a medical science writer whose articles on the political aspects of medicine are featured regularly in Canada and the US. She also runs Kos Publishing Inc., a publishing company that specializes in books on the politics of medicine. She and Dr Kokayi discuss a range of topics covering the practice of medicine, the role of pharmaceuticals, and our toxic environment.


Toxic Exposure 9/11 – Dr. David Carpenter

Dr. Carpenter discuss the dangerous exposure to contaminants that many NYC residents were subject to in the aftermath of 9/11. Dr. Carpenter goes on to talk about how the immune system has also been effected by the exposure.

Faybiene Miranda’s Poem of the Week Title: An Open Letter to the President


Public Health – John Rennie

 John Rennie , Editor and Chief of the Scientific American discusses various issues and policies that affect public health for today and tomorrow  ie.  population growth, environmental policies, energy and food sources.

Faybiene Miranda’s Poem of the Week Title: This poem will not be turned into a script