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Crystal Healing and Naturopathy with Dr Aminah Dean

This program focuses on the work of a very talented naturopathic physician and healer, Dr Aminah Dean. She has cultivated natural gifts which allow her to detect aberrations in peoples’ energy fields. She describes herself as an empath and through the use of crystals she is able to help restore people to health. The energy work she does is very palpable and an example of cellulitis clearing with this work is sited.


The Fundamental Aspects of Curanderismo – Elena Avila, RN

In this episode, Dr. Kokayi and his guest, Elena Avila discuss the fundamental aspects of Curanderismo. Ms. Avila reflects on her upbringing and how it lead her to becoming a Curanderismo. She goes on to explain the basic principles of Curanderismo which is an eclectic combination of herbs, spirituality, healing rituals. There is also discussion of   someone suffering with abdominal pain and the acpplication of Curandismo treatment. 

Faybiene Miranda’s Poem of the Week Title: Suppose something had been hidden from you


The Journey – Skip Lackey

Dr. Kamau Kokayi and his guest, Skip Lackey, talk about the distinctions that make the healing technology called “The Journey” unique. Mr. Lackey discusses the origination of “The Journey”. He also cites some examples in which this particular healing technology was successful. The Journey comes out of the work of its founder Brandon Bay and represents a spiritual technologycapable of reversing physical pathology an addressing emotional pathology.  Lay people learn and use this technology.

Faybiene Miranda’s Poem of the Week Title: The Journey


Whole Life Healing – Osunnike

In this program, Osunnike an OShun priestess, counselor, and educator discusses the need for injecting soul and spirit into the art of medicine and healing. Osunnike talks about her methods, which include life readings, personal profiles, cleansings.

Faybiene Miranda’s Poem of the Week Title: I was born in the Tropics


Meditation – Devya

Dr. Kokayi and his guest, Devya, discuss prayer and meditation and how both add to one’s spiritual growth and development. Devya also talks about breathing practices in relation to stress management.

Faybiene Miranda’s Poem of the Week Title: Funny how the human mind works


Signature Cell Healing – Reverend “Kahu” Fred Sterling

Dr. Kamau Kokayi’s guest Reverend “Kahu” Fred Sterling discuss PEMS: Physical, Emotinal, Mental, and Spiritual healing. A psychic channeler and visionary Reverend Sterling goes on to talk about what is needed for signature cell healing to be successful.  Signature cell healing is a non invasive touch healing experience which focusses the energy on the “signature cell” or God Cell, which lies in the pineal gland.  This all important cell holds the memory of our cellular perfection and our original life blueprint.

Faybiene Miranda’s Poem of the Week Title: Let me see if I’m hearing you correctly